Relationship to Liberty

Liberty Investigates is part of Liberty and is based in Liberty’s offices.

It was founded on the principle of editorial independence, which is essential to producing credible journalism.

To help achieve this, Liberty Investigates has appointed an Editorial Advisory Board (EAB).

The EAB includes two Liberty staff members (Liberty Director, Martha Spurrier, and Advocacy Director, Grey Collier ) and two members  of Liberty’s Executive Committee (Tanya Joseph and Richard Norton-Taylor), in addition to four external members. These are journalists Chrissie Giles, Anne Koch, Becky Gardiner and media lawyer Gervase de Wilde.

Liberty Investigates shares Liberty’s mission to stand up to power, and it does so through rigorous, impartial journalism.

Non-editorial Liberty staff members do not make decisions about the work of the unit. However, the team sometimes consult with non-editorial staff members on particular stories, just as they do with other NGOs and campaigning organisations.

Once Liberty Investigates has published a story, Liberty may choose to use it in its campaigns, advocacy, litigation, or other work – but Liberty Investigates does not produce journalism specifically for Liberty’s other teams.

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