Liberty Investigates exposes human rights abuses in the UK across several areas of high public interest. Here’s a snippet of what we’re looking into – but this list doesn’t cover everything, so if you have a human rights story that doesn’t fit these categories, please still get in touch.


Liberty Investigates is looking into the human rights and civil liberties impacts of the government’s response to the current crisis.


Liberty Investigates is taking a magnifying glass to the government’s counter-terrorism programme, as well as the laws and practices that rob people of their human rights.


We’re looking deep inside the hidden world of immigration removal centres, where 25,000 people are detained each year.

Disability Rights

We will take a deep dive into the discrimination and prejudice faced by disabled people and will put their voices at the heart of our stories.

Gypsy, Roma, Traveller Rights

Liberty Investigates is exploring discrimination against Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities, including restrictions on traditional ways of life, such as nomadism.

The Hostile Environment

We are working to uncover the many impacts of the hostile environment, from data-sharing to the withholding of healthcare from destitute migrants.

Mass surveillance, including facial recognition technology

Our reporters are following the use of mass surveillance technologies, including facial recognition in the public and private spheres.


We will expose discriminatory policing practices, particularly the police’s treatment of people of colour and police responses to serious youth violence.


We are tracking the widespread use of different forms of restraint and seclusion, known as restrictive interventions, across UK institutions.