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publishing partnerships

Liberty Investigates will publish investigations both on its platform and also with media outlets around the world in publishing partnerships. We want as many people as possible to read our work and be able to act on it.

We work with communities affected by our work, with journalists and with specialists such as academics, policy-makers and lawyers, as well as reaching out to politicians, campaigners, companies and regulators. We will always fact-check our work scrupulously and ask for right of replies, so that it is fair and that the evidence we present is correct. Where we make mistakes, we will promptly amend them. We will be transparent about how we work. We will also, where possible, publish data and documents that we have used to make our case for our journalism.

We want people to make use of our work and will work with you so that you can do this and distribute our work. We will work both with journalists and on occasion with NGOs. Please email the Investigations Editor (below) for more details.

We ask that we are fully credited. This means that you must attribute the work to the journalist who wrote it and to us, Liberty Investigates.

Unless we state otherwise, media organisations can republish our work without charge, under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0. This allows you to copy, distribute and transmit our work for non-commercial purposes. However, it does not allow you to alter, transform or build on our work without prior consent. You cannot sell LI work to make a profit but you can use our work with permission.

Our Creative Commons licence does not permit republishing of images or video – specific permission must be agreed as copyright remains with the creator. On occasion, an illustrator or photographer may give permission for their work to be re-used and if so we will indicate this. If you’d like a file of the LI logo to use, or have any other queries, contact us.

If you want to have a deeper collaboration with us, and co-publish on the day of launch, please contact the Investigations Editor, Katharine Quarmby, marking your email clearly for her attention.

In this case, you must link to the LI version of the joint story, both partners should agree on a publication date, the journalist must be bylined and LI credited and the two organisations should see each other’s right to reply responses.

Email Katharine: